About Us


This is a big commercial platform where different suppliers in Malaysia come together to put up their products for sale. It is a market of markets in Malaysia. This is why it is referred to as Market Market Malaysia.

We, at Market Market Malaysia provide a platform where reputable sellers meet serious buyers. Since we bring different suppliers together, we offer a wide variety of products. We offer groceries, condiments, baking needs, equipment, chilled and frozen seafood and several other fresh products.

No matter the quantity you want to buy, we have the capacity to supply it because our regular customers range from individuals to small cafes and even big restaurants. Apart from one off ordering service, we also have customers that enjoy our long term ordering services. The long term ordering service is suitable for big restaurants that make regular purchases.

We scrutinize all our suppliers to ensure that they are all certified, credibly and highly reputable. We also monitor the pricing of all products being marketed on our platforms to ensure competitiveness. This is because we don’t want any of our customers to pay outrageous prices for any product. Whatever price you see on our platform is about the lowest in Malaysia.

We offer a fantastic buying experience to all our customers. This is a digital era so we offer a reliable digital means of ordering your products. Ordering from the comfort of your home or via your mobile phone will save you a lot of time and stress and it also gives you a wide range of choices. Most importantly, it gives you unlimited convenience.

To encourage our customers to buy more volumes we offer tier pricing for bulk purchase. This implies that the more the quantity of products you purchase the more the volume discount you get. Our interface is not only user-friendly, it is also very easy to use. You can navigate to any section with ease.

When you hit the required minimum order threshold, you will enjoy free delivery. This is one of the ways through which we show appreciation to our customers. All you need to do is to order and you shall receive your orders as quickly as possible. This is more convenient than the old conventional method of calling and then receiving a purchase order.

To give customers more peace of mind, we offer cash on delivery payment method. This implies that you will receive your package and assess it before you pay. Only a very few suppliers offer such payment method. We offer it because we have a lot of confidence in our products and we are sure you will like your order.

You can also pay through a cheque and internet banking. We offer multiple payment methods because we understand that the multiple payment options give our customers more convenience. We also notify our customers via SMS and email on the stage of their orders so that they don’t need to call to enquire.

To give more delivery flexibility to our customers, we allow them to choose the most convenient delivery date and time for them. You can be sure that we will deliver your orders at the exact date and time. For us, a late delivery is the same as a failed delivery since they both do not meet customers’ expectations. We offer nothing but quality products at the most competitive prices. If you intend to start a business and you will require long term ordering service, you can contact us for a free consultation.