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Drinking and socializing have been going from hand to mouth and hand to hand since the beginning of humans. More than satisfying thirst a drink together can initiate a conversation, stop a war, make a treaty, or start a marriage. A beverage supplier can offer categories of drinks that can satisfy any social engagement or even create a trend.

Types of Beverages

Beverages comes in two types non-alcoholic and alcoholic. Either type water lists as the first ingredient. Knowing how to mix beverages has become a respectable reputation in the hospitality industry. The different types of drinks serve different purposes.


Non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks come in a variety of containers and often have been classified by the container itself. Bottled drinks contain water or soda. Water may come pure, flavored, or sugared. Bottles of plastic or glass display the contents inside and offer convenience while traveling or for storage. Canned drinks use an aluminum container which has been identified as the most sustainable beverage package. Highly recyclable the cans can hold most any beverage for indefinite period.

Popular Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Of all the drinks available water continues to be the globe’s most consumed drink in the form of mineral and tonic water. Tea with or without herbs ranks as a global drink made from dried leaves. It combines well with other drinks and the herbal teas have some health benefits as well. Milk holds a high position it all its forms whether powered, canned or bottled and has continued to be favored for children especially babies for its ability to support growing bodies. Coffee derived from roasted seeds offers another global drink which has caffeine for stimulation to a more awakened state. Juices such as berry, orange juice or vegetable allows the freshness of that food group to be put in a concentrated form for longer use. Modern times carbonated drinks such as soda provide variety.

Alcoholic Drinks

Alcoholic drinks sometimes become grouped with cordials. Cordials define as syrups that can be added to other drinks to sweeten or to accompany alcoholic mixes. Beer combines starch and fermentation to make tasteful drinks used all over the world. Brewed different ways with added ingredients an array of types and flavors exist. Red and white wine from fermented grapes started in ancient times. Usually named after varieties of grapes or the region grown in the beverage it has become the beverage for celebration and ritual. Spirits refers to hard liquor that has been distilled and has a higher alcohol content. Most spirits have an alcohol level of 20 %.


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