How To Choose A Reliable Groceries Supplier

There are so many groceries suppliers in Malaysia and selecting the best ones might be a little difficult. However, you will never go wrong if you follow the tips below to the letter. You should look for certain important qualities in your prospective supplier.

Consider experience

There is no trade where experience is not important and grocery supply is not an exception. A supplier that has been in the business for several years will surely have so many suppliers of fresh groceries. Experienced groceries suppliers will have great storage and preservation facilities.

Timely delivery

Very good groceries suppliers usually make timely delivery a priority. Some of them even give customers liberty of choosing the most convenient date and time for them. Most importantly, they offer same day delivery to proximal locations and 24 hour delivery to other locations.

Responsive customer support team

Reliable groceries supplier should have a highly responsive customer support team. Being responsive is the best feature of an impressive customer service. Think of this scenario, you have already ordered some groceries and you are expecting them. Something important comes up and you have to leave home immediately. The only way out is to inform your groceries supplier to suspend delivery until you get back. This will not be a problem if your supplier is very responsive. What happens if you call and they don’t pick and your groceries have already been shipped? Who will pay for the reverse-logistics that would have been avoided? This is why it is important for you to select a supplier that is responsive. The biggest challenge here may be how to determine the level of responsiveness of a groceries supplier before ordering from them. Well, you can assess them by putting a call through to them before buying anything from them. Any supplier whose support team fails to pick your call at first attempt has failed.

Payment on delivery

This is obviously the best payment option for customers. There is nothing as satisfactory as seeing your package before making payment. Only very few groceries suppliers offer this payment option but you should consider it. Any supplier that offers this payment option obviously has so much confident in his products. Needless to say any groceries supplier that offers this kind of payment should be given a pass mark. In addition, groceries should also offer multiple payment methods. This gives customers a lot of convenience.

Competitive prices

The prices of groceries should be competitive. So, you should compare some prices of some products. Of course, you can’t check the prices of every product. All you have to do is to pick a few products at random and check several sales platforms to compare the prices of the selected products. In addition, your groceries supplier should also offer further discounts for bulk orders. For more information visit our Market Market Malaysia's online F&B platform today.

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