How To Outwit Your Competitors As A Crab Supplier

As difficult as it is, being a crab supplier can be lucrative if you can follow all the tips below. Some of the tips are difficult to carry out but they are worth it. You can only be successful as a crab supplier if you have hoteliers, restaurants and other eateries as your customers.

So, they should be your major target. No matter the quality of your crabs, hoteliers and restaurant managers will not patronize you if you are not registered with the regulatory body.

So, this should be your very first step. Being registered gives your customer peace of mind as it implies that your products are handled under very hygienic conditions. Since there are various types of crabs, you might also need to range a wide variety of crabs or at least the ones with the most demand. You can also find other seafood such as fish, prawn, shellfish, squid and cuttlefish on our platform.

The more the variety you offer, the more reliable you will be as a supplier. Frozen food should not stay too long in transit as they should be delivered fresh. So your delivery should be very timely. In fact, you should strive to offer same day delivery for orders that arrive before noon. Your delivery should not exceed 24 hours if you want to retain your customers as a crab supplier.

Never run out of stock for any reason.

This is the deadliest business killer. If you begin to run out of stock, you will lose your customers faster than you can ever imagine. Only a very few customers will give you a second chance. Once you are out of stock for any crab product, most customers will contact another supplier immediately and if they get what they want from that supplier, they will never return to you. You should ensure you have as many vendors as possible so that you won’t be disappointed. If a vendor does not have the ordered specie of crabs, others will have. But if your vendors are few, sourcing products will be very difficult.

Allow customers to pay on delivery.

This trick works wonders. It attracts a lot of customers. Once they realize that they can decide to pay on delivery, many of them will leave their crab suppliers and they will prefer to patronize you. In addition, you can also offer them multiple payment options. This will also give them convenience.

You need to motivate your customers to increase their order by offering tier pricing. A customer that would have ordered just 90 units of crabs will increase his order to 100 if he realizes that he will get some discount at 100. However, this is meant for only bulk buyers.

Competitive pricing is also a potent weapon for marketing competition. So, if possible, you can set your prices to be a little lower than what others offer. However, this should be with a slim margin. When the margin becomes too wide it will become counter-productive as customers will begin to doubt the quality of your products. For more information you are welcome to use Market Market Malaysia's F&B Online platform.

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