The Benefits Of Getting Prawns From A Good Supplier

A popular type of seafood, prawns, are an excellent source of unsaturated fat and a healthy alternative to other animal proteins. Prawns come in various forms such as the fresh, frozen, and the Vanamei pawns.

The types of prawns sold in local seafood stores and supermarkets are frozen and re-thawed for sale. For seafood restaurant owners, getting a good prawn supplier is crucial. It will enable you to serve prawns that are healthy, cost-effective and in good conditions. There are claims from the United States’ FDA (Food and Drug Administration) that prawns and shrimps from some countries contain some traces of the banned antibiotics (chloramphenicol and nitrofurans). Hence, a viable solution is to buy prawns caught fresh from the sea without having to worry about harmful chemicals is to look for a reliable pawn supplier. You can also find other seafood such as fish, crab, prawn, shellfish, squid and cuttlefish on our platform.

Keep in mind that a seafood lover would prefer the real deal as they are least likely to contain any bacteria or harbor chemicals. Wild prawns are more expensive than the farmed ones. However, they are in higher demand because of their nutritional benefits. Sometimes, restaurant owners buy wild and farmed prawns from suppliers.

When you want to buy farmed prawns from a supplier, make sure it looks clean and green. This means it disease free. You will not need antibiotics and other chemicals to make them appear fresh.

Prawns gotten from cold water are good options. As with other types of crustaceans, they tend to have more flavor than the ones gotten from warm water. The part of the prawn that is consumed is called the tail. It is meaty and requires a lot of cooking. If not gotten from a good source, it can cause harm to the health.

Like other seafood, prawns are perishable and must be properly preserved. So, you need to consider the services of a supplier who is near your business facility. Transporting fresh prawns for long hours can be expensive. You may also be left with a bad product.

Restaurant owners and enterprises offer prawns either fresh or frozen to satisfy their customers. They offer the prawns in cooked form or raw form depending on the customer.

It is important to avoid getting prawns that are dry, have been broken or have cracked shells. A reliable supplier will sell prawns that have a pleasant smell and look moist, not fishy. Some consumers are known to be finicky about their foods and inquire about its source.

From farmed to the white Gulf and all the way to wild prawns, always ensure that your supplier is reliable. Just as it is important in find a good source for your prawns, it is also vital that the prawns are not oxidized. Identifying this is easy. Look out for black circles the heads and legs. For more information on getting a good prawn supplier, visit Market Market Malaysia today.

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