How To Choose A Shellfish Supplier

If you are constantly in need of shellfish, here are the qualities to look for in your shellfish suppliers. Don’t just settle for your current supplier. There are better offers out there.

Remember, that higher quality shellfish will attract more customers. Not only that, lower prices will also give you more profits by way of more volume. Don’t just settle for one supplier. The fact that you are satisfied with his products and services does not mean you can’t get better deals out there. You need to regularly check around for better deals.

Most of the people who usually order shellfish also order a whole lot of other seafoods such as crab, prawn, squid and cuttlefish. This means that you are likely to be in need of other sea foods apart from shellfish. So, it is better to go for a one-stop platform where a wide variety of sea products are offered. This will give you more options.

Won’t you rather make your purchase with convenience? This is a digital era, you should choose a supplier who gives you the benefit to order via their website or mobile app. If you are still making calls and receiving purchase orders at this stage of technology advancement, then you are still centuries behind. Move on to suppliers that will offer you convenience.

Regular stock availability is important. So, your shellfish supplier should never run out of stock for any reason. Rather, choose a supplier that never runs out of stock. Imagine what will happen if you are a retailer and you already have pending orders. You now decided to order only to be told that it is out of stock. You will not only lose sale, you will also lose customers and most importantly, you will lose credibility. This is why some people prefer to have several suppliers so that when one disappoints, the others will serve as backup. On top of seafoods, Market Market Malaysia's platform supply a wide range of other products such as meat, lamb, beef, mutton, chicken, groceries, fresh fruits and vegetables, beverages, canned food, noodlesfresh fruits, dairy, sauces and condiments, dairy and bakery and kitchen equipments.

Although this is not a bad idea, it is better to stick with one supplier that will not disappoint. With several unreliable suppliers, you can still be disappointed if all of them do not have shellfish at the same time. If you are bulk buyer and your supplier does not offer you discount for a particular volume, please look for another shellfish supplier. Do not keep shortchanging yourself. You deserve certain discount for buying in bulk.

In fact, reliable shellfish suppliers usually offer tier pricing. How fast do you receive your orders? You are not getting the best if it takes more than 48 hours. In fact, 48 hours is not even impressive. Do you realize that some suppliers offer same day delivery? Just make your order before noon and you will get it that same day. And if you can’t send the order before noon, you will still receive your orders within 24 hours. So, you should dump any shellfish supplier that cannot deliver you orders within 24 hours. For more information visit