What Customers Want In Their Squid Suppliers

A company that is planning to go into squid supply business decided to carry out a survey on what their prospective customers will like most in their squid suppliers. Below are the qualities that most of the respondents mentioned.

According to those that responded to the survey, quality of the squid is the most important feature. If the quality of supplier’s squid is low compared to those of other suppliers, there is no point striving to exhibit the other qualities. There is no feature that can make you buy a cellphone that cannot make a call. High quality should be the starting point.

Many respondents also talked about fast delivery. Most of them will make do with 24-hour delivery but they would prefer same day delivery. Nothing will be as impressive as ordering squid in the morning and getting it in the evening. Any squid supplier that can offer that already has waiting customers.

Pricing is important too. People want to buy their products at the lowest possible prices. In fact, some respondents say they compare prices from different platforms before making their orders. It is when the price is okay that they will consider speed of delivery. So, anyone going into squid supply needs to be ready to fight a price battle with competitors.

Giving your customers multiple payment options is another quality that customers crave. This gives a lot of convenience. Converting money from one form to another for payment purpose usually attracts certain fees. While some people talked about multiple payment options, others also chipped it in that they would prefer a squid supplier who will give them the liberty to pay on delivery. Indeed, a lot of people like to receive their orders and assess them before payment.

Some respondents even went further to say that there is a general perception on suppliers that offer payment on delivery. The general perception is that the suppliers have a lot of confidence on the quality of their squids and are certain that customers will pay for them when they arrive.

Variety was also mentioned. A lot of customers made it clear that they don’t order squids alone. They also order other sea foods and they will prefer a store that offers a wide variety of seafoods such as crab, fish, prawn and shelfish so that they can order everything on one platform.

Apart from being cumbersome to purchase products from different platforms, it is more advantageous to buy all your products on one platform to be able to qualify for discount and free shipping.

This leads to another quality that some of the respondents mentioned. They will love to purchase squids from a store where discount and concessions are offered. It is not encouraging when a customer that ordered just 5 units pays the same unit price with a customer that ordered up to 100 units. For more information visit www.marketmarket.com.my

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